30th Jul 2014

Patrycja is doing better today!!! She even got out of bed and played for a little bit. She wanted to try on her princess jewelery that she got as a prize after the last CT scan. Her white blood cells […]

28th Jul 2014

We are still at Children’s Mercy. It’s day 6. Patrycja’s energy level is low, but the fever spikes are lessfrequent. Yesterday she went without a fever for 18 hours. The CT scan was clear – praise theLord! The doctors say […]

25th Jul 2014

It’s her third day at Children’s Mercy. She is no longer vomiting, but she continues to have fever spikes. They are less frequent now, which is a good thing 🙂 She is on several antibiotics. Her blood cultures have been […]

23rd Jul 2014

After we got back from the clinic yesterday, we spent 3 hours at home and had to take her again to the hospital because she was coming down with a fever. It wasn’t high, but as an oncology patient she […]