23rd Jul 2014

Patrycja had a follow-up visit in the Oncology clinic yesterdey. They were supposed to do her labs, but the nurses couldn’t draw her blood despite numerous attempts. There seems to be a problem with her port, and she is scheduled […]

21st Jul 2014

Patrycja was discharged from the hospital Friday afternoon. She is happy to be home, and so are we! She spent the whole day yesterday playing with Natalia. Today, we took a really long walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We […]

17th Jul 2014

Patricia received the second part of her chemo dose yesterday and her labs are good so far! She is getting several anti-nausea meds, but they are not 100 % effective and she is still throwing up. Please pray that the […]

15th Jul 2014

Hello friends 🙂 Patricia was discharged on Saturday and spent 2 days at home. We had such a wonderful time 🙂 She is doing well. She is getting readmitted today for round 2 of chemo. You can Now read all […]