26th Aug 2014

This is our 6th day at the hospital, and if everything goes well Patrycja should be going home tomorrow. It seems like her recovery was much quicker this time. She only had a fever for 2 days. Her mouth is […]

22nd Aug 2014

Patrycja spiked a fever, and we had to take her to the hospital at 3 am on Wednesday. Her last fever spike was 20 hours ago, but because her counts are low and she has mouth sores again, she needs […]

19th Aug 2014

Patrycja had her 3 round of chemo last Tuesday/Wednesday and she was discharged from the hospital on Friday. She tolerated the treatment very well this time without any nausea or vomiting!!! Thank you Jesus 🙂 Her auntie Magda and cousin […]

12th Aug 2014

It’s been such a joy to have Patrycja home these last 10 days. She’s a happy little girl when she’s home – laughing and playing. Her eyelids are still a little droopy, but she has regained most of her muscle […]