28th Sep 2014

Patrycja has a new port! The replacement procedure took about 2 hours. She had general anesthesia and everything went well. The new port, however, was placed on her right side. This means she has two sore spots now, as the […]

25th Sep 2014

Patrycja has been home for more than a week. This has been her longest break since June (when her treatment began). Patrycja’s grandpa is in town, and we are very happy that he is with us. He came all the […]

17th Sep 2014

Patrycja is home again!!! Her mouth is still a little sore since her counts have not fully recovered yet, but she is doing great! Her eyelids are no longer droopy. This morning we made “paszteciki” together. She spent an hour […]

10th Sep 2014

Patrycja was home for four days this time. The weather was beautiful and we spent a lot of time outdoors. She was feeling fine, but then she spiked a fever last night, and we had to take her to the […]