28th Jul 2014

We are still at Children’s Mercy. It’s day 6. Patrycja’s energy level is low, but the fever spikes are lessfrequent. Yesterday she went without a fever for 18 hours. The CT scan was clear – praise theLord! The doctors say it’s not uncommon for the fever spikes to last this long, but they are watching her closely.They say the fever is probably caused by mucositis (mouth sores), a side effect of chemotherapy, but they are going to startanother antibiotic today for a possible fungal infection.

We are still waiting for her countsto recover, and that may take several days. Once the counts are up, her condition should improve significantly.So we just have to wait…Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for strength for her little body 🙂

Pictured below iswhat my older daughter wrote for her sister in Polish ” Patrysia it’s hard for me that you are in the hospital, but I’m very happy that you will be home soon”


  1. Jarku jestesmy z Wami i modlimy sie za Was ca?a rodzinka. Dzis wieczorem nasze dziewczynki szczegolnie sie modlily za Patrycj?. ?ciskamy Was mocno.

  2. Strasznie mocno ?ciskam Patrycj?. ?ciskam Was mocno i pozdrawiam Natalk?. Wierz?, ?e nasz Bg obrci wszystkie trudy na dobro. Og?aszam powodzenie, zdrowie, si?? i zwyci?stwo dla Waszej wyj?tkowej Dziewczynki i dla ca?ej Waszej Rodziny, w imieniu Jezusa Chrystusa. Jak w Niebie tak i na ziemi. Kochamy Was. Kasia

  3. Karolina Ch?opek on said:

    Jarku i Asiu, dla mnie ju? jeste?cie zach?t? i ?wiadectwem dzia?ania Bo?ej mocy. B?ogos?awi? Was i bardzo pozdrawiam 🙂

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