22nd Jul 2015

Last month Patrycja turned four, and what a joyful event that was! Even though the nurses and staff at Children’s Mercy threw an awesome party for her last year as she was receiving treatment, we were very excited to be able to celebrate her fourth birthday at home with our family and friends.

Patrycja is growing leaps and bounds and has gained over 2 pounds since the completion of her treatment in February. Her hair is back, and she looks – and is – healthy! Her CT scans back in May showed no evidence of any disease in her body. Thank you Lord! Patrycja also got to see her grandparents and relatives in Poland last month, which was definitely a highlight of the year. And she also had an opportunity to spend some time with her cousins from Texas. It has been such a fun summer for all of us.

Thank you again for all your support. She is going to have her next scans mid-August. Please continue to pray for strength and that her amazing testimony of God’s healing and sustaining power would continue all the days of her life.

2 comments on “ENJOYING THE SUMMER

  1. What a sweet update! Thank you, Jesus. 🙂

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