19th Aug 2014

Patrycja had her 3 round of chemo last Tuesday/Wednesday and she was discharged from the hospital on Friday. She tolerated the treatment very well this time without any nausea or vomiting!!! Thank you Jesus 🙂

Her auntie Magda and cousin Josef were visiting with us this weekend (they live in Texas), and we had a wonderful family time filled with all kinds of fun activities. Patrycja was so happy to see them, and so were we!!!

Her counts usually begin to drop a week after the chemo, so please pray that she would remain strong, especially this week. Also, please continue to pray for her eyelids as they are still droopy. Thank you!

2 comments on “Family weekend

  1. I’m so happy to hear that last week went well. I’ll be praying for counts this week. It’s good to know how to focus the prayers. =)

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