Patricia completed her first round of chemotherapy last week plus one shot yesterday, which is also part of the chemo treatment. She handled it well. Thank you Lord!!! Before beginning chemo the doctors installed a port which connects to the main artery in her body. The port should help for a smoother treatment by avoiding the use of so many needles. Today she is feeling tired and the port site is still sore. She is also fighting a minor infection, so please continue to pray for complete restoration and renewed strength for her to endure this 36-week regimen. Please also join us in praying for a totally new lung for her. During surgery the doctors had to remove half of her right lung in order to take out the tumor, and although it will not effect her negatively and she will be able to function normally, we are bringing it before God; that it would be a sign and wonder, proof that our God is alive and nothing is impossible for Him!!! Thank you so much for your prayers.

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