23rd Oct 2014

Patrycja has reached her halfway mark for her treatment. She had her 6th round of chemo last week, and has 6 more to go. She is doing well. Her mouth sores are no longer an issue as one of the main drugs causing them has been completely eliminated. No fever, nausea or vomiting. She is happy, playful and is regaining her appetite.
Here is a recap of her treatment so far:

72 days at Children’s Mercy Hospital (includes 14 clinic visits)
14 chemo infusions
7 blood transfusions
4 times under general anesthesia
4 feeding tube placements
2 port placements

1 courageous little girl who has kept a smile through it all

The Lord has been so good to us!!! Thank you all for your continued support, love and care.

6 comments on “HALFWAY DONE!

  1. I am so so happy that Patrycia is halfway through and that she is doing good… Jesus is the Healer! He is healing her! Love your pictures, thank you for posting them :). You are all in my prayers and may His peace and love continue filling your hearts and minds.. Hi is a Good Father, compassionate and kind and He is near! Love Mavjuda

  2. Niech Was Bóg umacnia. Jeste?cie wielcy a szczególnie Pat

  3. Niech Bóg Was umacnia i przydaje wiary. Jeste?my z Wami. Jeste?cie wielcy…

  4. Zycze duzo zdrowia i pozdrawiam!

  5. Asiu masz bardzo dzieln? córci?! Pozdrawiam

  6. Dzielna dziewczynka, dzielni rodzice, dobry Bóg!

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