12th Aug 2014

It’s been such a joy to have Patrycja home these last 10 days. She’s a happy little girl when she’s home – laughing and playing. Her eyelids are still a little droopy, but she has regained most of her muscle strength. She’s walking and able to pedal her tricycle. She is getting her EKG and echo this morning and depending on her blood counts she may be getting admitted today for her third round of chemo.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Please continue to pray for strength and complete restoration.

One comment on “HAPPY TO BE HOME

  1. Hi Joanna and Jarek and Natalia and Patricya… Thank you for posting the updates and all these beautiful pictures.. I am praying for you all for strength, peace and joy in the midst of this journey… Praying for Patricya to recover and for the cancer to be gone. God is faithful and He is Good!!! Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy and bring justice to the oppressed… I believe that He is doing that by bringing more healing into Patricyas body… Love you all dearly and praying for you all… Yours Mavjuda

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